With high turnover, the shift to remote work, and continued uncertainty, chances are that everyone on your team is feeling a bit unmoored right now. So consider a team-wide onboarding this fall, for both new and old employees. Here’s what it might look like:

  1. Schedule random, 30-minute one-on-ones between team members to help people reconnect. Suggest they kick off these conversations with a lighthearted prompt, such as “What food do you think is the most underrated?” or “If you won the lottery today, what would you do tomorrow?”
  2. Ask each employee to reflect on what they’re good at and how they can apply those skills to their current role. Then, assign people tasks that let them showcase their abilities.
  3. Create opportunities for team members to collaborate and build shared knowledge. Start an email thread or Slack channel where people can post a question or problem, and others can respond with insights based on their own experience.
  4. Set clear cultural expectations and norms. Ask questions like: How can we ensure teammates who aren’t in the office still have a voice? How will we track progress and update each other throughout the week? What guidelines should we set for meetings? Make sure to write down the answers, and save them in a place that everyone can easily access.
This tip originally published by Harvard Business Review is adapted from It’s Time to Re-Onboard Everyone,” by Liz Fosslien