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CollectionCenter, Inc. plays a vital role within the medical financial sector. According to a 2016 Kaiser Family Foundation and New York Times survey, more than 79 million Americans have medical debt, with 50% of those consumers’ sole debt being medical. CCI collectors use compassion, common sense, and open communication to assist consumers in finding solutions to pay off these medical debts. By recovering payments for medical providers, CCI helps keep costs lower for doctors’ offices, hospitals, and specialists, which benefits both the provider and the consumer.


CollectionCenter Inc., offers unsurpassed expertise in collecting on delinquent account payments, overdraft fees, and loan defaults to name only a few. We have worked with many banks over the years to help their bottom line.



CollectionCenter, Inc. does not collect on student loan debt. We provide recovery for the various services offered by colleges and secondary schools (such as dining services and equipment sales), as well as collegiate retail shops. 



CollectionCenter, Inc. can manage payment recovery or utility providers covering a range of services. These include private and  city water, gas, electric, waste removal, HOA organizations, and metro districts. By partnering in these recoveries, CCI assists in keeping overhead costs lower for the providers, in turn lowering service prices for consumers.



CollectionCenter, Inc. offers industry-leading business collections. Our goal is to recover the maximum amount of dollars as efficiently and quickly as possible, while representing our customers with integrity and respect, in order to preserve their good public image. Our commercial collectors are specialists trained to handle any requirements of your business. CCI also manages payments and payment arrangements on behalf  of our commercial clients, as needed.


CollectionCenter, Inc. has decades of experience collecting on behalf of numerous government agencies in many states.  We specialize in everything from delinquent taxes to traffic fines. CCI collects approximately $30 million annually on behalf of our government clients.


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